Mi Casa es Su Casa-GV Xela #2

Day 2 (Build Day #1 and the Market)

The day began with excitement and curiosity because it was our first day of service and all of us were wondering what it was going to be like. Last night’s Tea Ceremony, a Global Village Habitat Tradition helped us focus on the upcoming task at hand.  After a good nights sleep, the breakfast menu consisted of yogurt, fruit, granola, and either juice, coffee or tea. The GV crew then loaded into the van and headed to Zone 10 for first of our two service projects.

When we arrived, we divided into various groups, which consisted of unloading and stacking cement blocks, cutting rebar and then bending it into “C” clips. The clips are used to attach the “Costillas.”  A Costilla in case you did not know Spanish, is a rib, but essentially, it is used as a skeleton and concrete is poured on the Costilla inside a form, which makes a cement column to be used for walls and the ceilings. Other students cut wire to bind the “C” clips. In addition to all of that, other students mixed concrete and did general clean up of the site.

Students were in good spirits because Hailey brought her iPod and everyone was enjoying the music while working with the family side by side. Most of the students made immediate bonds with the children of the family, and it was really inspiring to see everyone working together and having fun.

When we left the job site, the students were exhausted, as it was a hard day. We returned to the hotel to get cleaned up and then, we went for a relaxing lunch before heading to a typical market in the Plaza of Quetzaltenango. The students made a variety of interesting purchases from Mayan made bags and clothing to Chocolate and some local art. Everyone seemed pleased with their purchases.

We returned home for a little rest and then, headed back out for dinner. We decided to load up on carbs and went to an Italian restaurant for pizza and pasta. We arrived home and the kids did a brief reflection and went off to bed.

Stay tuned for Day 3…

Below are some pictures:

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