TEAMBuild Days


Building Teams, Building Houses, Building Hope

Build your team, your community, and most of all, a home for a family in need.

Imagine the cooperation required to raise a wall, lay a floor, or tile a bathroom.  Have you ever tried these activities with a group of your peers?  How would you trust each other, communicate together, and develop and implement a plan?  Here’s your chance to find out.

We offer a unique and rewarding group experience that allows your team, department, or entire organization to do something good and gain something in return.

Home construction provides challenging projects that require teamwork, open communication, and creative problem solving.  We provide work site supervision, equipment, and construction materials.

TEAMBuild Days allow participants to:

  • Learn valuable skills while helping others
  • Build a foundation of teamwork while creating homes for Habitat families
  • Improve group dynamics while making the community a better place to live

You’re building more than a house:

  • Build a strong team able to collaborate and achieve tangible results
  • Build positive public perception and visibility as working on a Habitat house is a community event that draws media attention
  • Build morale by demonstrating your company’s commitment to the community

If you are interested in scheduling a TEAMBuild Day, please call 307.734.0828 or email 1TeamBuilding 2