Daisy Bush Green Roof Installed

October 2017

Habitat Partner Homeowners in the Daisy Bush Subdivision were pleased to see the completion of their “Green Roofs” this past month. Habitat’s four homes in this 28 unit subdivision were completed in 2015 but the materials needed to complete the required green roofs in combination with last year’s intense winter delayed the project completion. This effort was made possible in part from a generous grant in 2014 from the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole for $15,000 which helped to offset the $60,000 price tag. Additional funds were provided by an anonymous donor.

To appreciate how or why these green roofs were required funding, it is important to understand the background of the full development The Daisy Bush Subdivision was a 28 unit development approved by the Town of Jackson (TOJ).  The original developer then partnered with the Jackson Hole Community Housing Trust (JHCHT), and St. John’s Medical Center(SJMC) to include a total of 16 deed restricted affordable housing units while the remaining 12 units were sold on the free market.

Unfortunately, the development team working with JHCHT discovered that the LSR requirement was not being tracked accurately.  LSR is the equivalent of “greenspace” that exists around development surfaces like houses, driveways, and walkways. Market lots were being sold and developed, the LSR requirement went unchecked, and a shortage of LSR was realized.  To remedy the shortfall, the development team’s solution involved allocating most of the LSR responsibility to the affordable housing lots.

Due to these circumstances, and prior to its purchase of the Lot, Habitat applied for a variance with the TOJ to help alleviate the burden placed on the Lot as a result of the developers non-compliance with the requirements of the development.  The variance was denied.

In deciding whether to purchase the Lot, Habitat considered eliminating one unit from the project, but determined that the fourth unit was too important, and the community need too large to miss out on the opportunity to build affordable homes on a lot able house four families.  If Habitat did not purchase the Lot, it would not be able to build until summer 2015.  The opportunity for our hardworking, low-income families to own their own home would greatly diminish.  This community need outweighed the additional cost and maintenance.  Habitat concluded it would seek assistance from donors and aggressively research and apply for additional funding to help offset the increased cost of construction.

Ultimately, Habitat was able to raise the total funds needed and now these homes are truly complete!

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