2018 Annual Report

In its 23rd year Teton Habitat grew its capacity to house low income families in the Greater Teton Area through unprecedented community engagement and strong leadership.



Habitat Homes
Since 1995


Homes completed
this year


Homes currently under
at The Grove

President & Executive Director Letter

Dear Habitat Friends,
During our 2018 fiscal year, Habitat for Humanity of the Greater Teton Area increased our capacity to serve our community, our homeowners, and all the supporters who keep our mission alive. Thank you for all your generous contributions that make our program possible.
The Habitat framework helps shape a strong, positive future for the community. This framework helps build affordable homes with working families through an engaged community of dedicated supporters.
The 2018 fiscal year began in July with the completion of a 2-home project in Alpine. Families purchased and moved into their Habitat homes in August. We then shifted our full focus to our largest project ever, building the first 8 of an eventual 24 homes at phase 3 of The Grove. Our build proceeded on schedule and under budget. Throughout the year we were grateful for a hard working staff that made this project possible.
The incredible contributions from the 8 partner families selected for the first stage of the project, along with an outpouring of support from volunteers, businesses and private donors, have transformed Teton Habitat’s presence in the community.
As the build at The Grove continues, Habitat’s portfolio will nearly double and the program will provide stable housing for over 75 children and 40 adults bringing our impact on the health and strength of our community to unprecedented levels for years to come.
We thank you for your engagement and support on this exciting phase of Habitat’s journey. Please join us in sharing the joy of knowing that together, we are Framing the Future!
Here’s to continued success for years to come.

Patty Lummis
Board President

Kendra Heimbuck
Executive Director



Hours donated by 600 volunteers this year


Businesses donated
materials, time
or financial support


Donors and
Build Partners supported Habitat work

The Habitat Program: Building more than houses

It’s a simple idea: we are better working together than alone. This is true for our volunteers and it’s true for our community. When addressing our community’s growing affordable housing shortage, it’s clear that no single person can meet the challenge alone. We must all work together across social, economic, racial and other lines.

An often overlooked part of Teton Habitat’s mission is the many ways our program builds social strength by promoting healthy relationships at the family, neighborhood and community levels. Whether it’s the careful work of family selection and advocacy, development of our ReStore business, or event planning, much of Habitat’s work is guided by our community members through committee service. This focus on volunteer involvement keeps our program strong and connected with real and positive results for the future of our community.


Sponsors & Build Partners

As a corporate supporter, Wells Fargo Bank contributes financial and volunteer support through their local presence in Jackson and at a national level, the Wells Fargo Housing Foundation has provided key financial support through their Priority Market Grant Program.

The Bank of Jackson Hole has been a generous supporter of Teton Habitat for years. Leading the way for so many Jackson area businesses, the Bank of Jackson Hole’s engagement with the area housing non-profit goes beyond financial support. “We don’t just work in the communities we serve,” says Pete Lawton, Bank of Jackson Hole CEO, “we live and play here. We raise families here. And we volunteer here. It’s part of our commitment to the valley’s success.”

St. John's is committed as Habitat’s Lead Faith Partner to contribute the funding and volunteer labor for one of the units at the Grove and as a part of the selection committee for the family. We are inspired by our community’s commitment to this project, and we are ready to make a love-spreading difference in Teton County. By volunteering together, we are proud to help families find a place to call home.

Board of Directors

  • Patty Lummis President
  • Carol Linton Vice-President
  • Mark Dalby Vice-President Construction
  • Joshua Mickelson Treasurer
  • Jean Day Secretary
  • Meredith Adams
  • Don Baker
  • Todd Cedarholm
  • Jason Dunlop
  • Jacqueline Erdman
  • Augusta Friendsmith
  • Maggie Hunt
  • Dawn Pruett
  • Richard Uhl



to the individuals, businesses and organizations who make Habitat efforts possible. We can not do it without you.

Business and Organizational Supporters

49’er Inn & Suites
Alpyn Beauty Bar
AmazonSmile Foundation
Annie Band Jewelry
Bank of Jackson Hole
Bank of the West
Baxter Design Inc.
Bentwood Inn
Bidache – Native Jackson Hole
Big R Ranch and Home
Big-D Signature
Center for the Arts
Changes Hair & Nail Salon
Colter Elementary School
Community Foundation of Jackson Hole
Community Safety Network
Cony Corporation
Crystal Creek Capital
Dembergh Construction
Evans Construction
Fates Flooring
FC Excavation, LLC
Field, Vinson & Associates CPAs, RLLP
Fine Dining Group
Finn & Feather
Firewise Landscapes, Inc.
First Interstate Bancsystem Foundation, Inc.
First Interstate Bank, Jackson Hole
Fish Creek Veterinary Clinic
Flat Creek Towing (Big Bear Towing)
Fodor Law Office PC
Foresters Financial
Gannett Peak Lodge
Garaman, Inc. (Ranch Shop and Ranch Inn)
Gliffen Designs
Grand Teton National Park Foundation
Grizzly Country Wildlife Adventures
Gun Barrel Steak and Game House
Habitat for Humanity International
Hand Fire Pizza
Hawtin Jorgensen Architects
High Country Linen
Home Depot
Hughes Productions
Hungry Jack’s General Store, Inc.
IBM Employee Services Center
Inn on the Creek
J. Singleton Financial Services
Jackson Hole Airport Board
Jackson Hole Classical Academy
Jackson Hole Community Counseling Center
Jackson Hole Community Housing Trust
Jackson Hole Land Trust
Jackson Hole Lodge
Jackson Hole Real Estate Associates
Jackson Hole Ski & Snowboard Club
Jackson Pediatrics
JE Douville Home Builders
JL Concrete & Construction, Inc.
Jorgensen Associates
Katie Murphy State Farm Insurance
Lowe’s Home Centers, LLC
Lucky’s Market
Lynn Grimes CPA
MacPhail’s Burgers

Macy’s Services (DBR, INC)
Mad River Boat Trips
McDonald’s of Jackson Hole
Mountain Property Management
Nelson Engineering
Noble Travel
Nomad Sports
Nora’s Fish Creek Inn
Northwestern Mutual
Notwen Corporation
Owens & Owens P.C.
Pacific Marine Logistics, Inc.
Pete’s Excavation
Planet Jackson Hole
Presbyterian Church of Jackson Hole
Pursue Movement Studio
Quarter Circle 4 Heating and Plumbing
Quiznos Sub
Rendezvous Insurance Inc.
Ridgeline Log & Timber, LLC
Robbin Levy PC Attorney at Law
Rocky Mountain Bank
RoofTop Solutions Inc.
Rusty Parrot Lodge & Spa
Salmin Mechanical LLC
Shepherd of the Mountains Lutheran Church
Sidewinders American Grill
Silver Star Communications
Smiths Food & Drug
Snake River Brewing (SRB Operations, LLC)
Snake River Interiors
Sorensen & Flanagan, LLC
South Cable Cafe
Spence Law Firm
Spring Creek Ranch
St. John’s Episcopal Church
St. John’s Medical Center
Stinky Prints
Sweet Cheeks Meats LLC
Teton County Democrats
Teton County District Court
Teton County Integrated Solid Waste and Recycling
Teton County Library Foundation
Teton Eye Clinic
Teton Heritage Builders
Teton Motors, Inc.
The Liquor Store of Jackson Hole
The Wort Hotel
Tom Evans Real Estate
Tower 3 Productions LLC
Trapper Inn
Virginian Lodge
Visa, Inc.
Wells Fargo Bank
Wells Fargo Housing Foundation
West Lives on Gallery
Western Home Journal
Wilkinson & Associates, LLC
William E Wecker Associates
Wonderful Giving
Wright Law, LLC
Wyoming Title & Escrow
Y2 Consultants, LLC
Zions Bank

Individual Donors

Laura and Stephan Abrams
Marlene Adams
Meredith and Justin Adams
Nathan Adams and Claire Owen Adams
Michael and Virginia Adler
Patricicia Stancarone and Joe Albracht
Marcia Kunstel and Joseph Albright
Courtney Allen
Richard Uhl and Rae Ambroz
Anonymous (12)
Fred and Helen Arbuckle
Anne and Stephan Ashley
Charles and Vickie Atwater
DuBose and Sallie Ausley
Juan Vazquez and Marcela Badillo
Amberley Baker
Hyatt Baker
Dail Barbour
Debbie and Randy Barker
Tara Barnes
Geneva Chong and David Barnett
The Reverend Jimmy and Cindy Bartz
Donald Beale
Jodi Pederson and Tim Beaudin
Ann Frame and Ed Beddow
Lisbeth and Carter Beise
Bonnie and Merton J. Bell III
Becky Benenate
Jennifer Mei and Chase Beninga
Cynthia Bennett
Joe and Gainor Bennett
Bob and Jan Benz
Fran Biolchini
Tobin Biolchini
Jerry Blann
Patti Boyd
Katie and Chris Brady
Stephanie and Mike Brennan
Herb and Amy Brooks
T. Anthony and Linda Brooks
Diane and Jim Brown
Don Baker and Valerie Brown
Lori Cahn and Douglas Brown
Timothy and Ginny Brown
Tisch Brown
Amy and Bomber Bryan
Mary Kate Buckley
Lindsay Linton Buk and Dane Buk
Bonnie and Frank Burgess
Cathie and Bruce Burkland
Barbara Burris and Deidre Burnstine
Angela Burton
Rose Caiazzo
Carter Callaway
Megan and Ralph Callaway
Franz Camenzind
Melissa Capener
John and Jane Carey
Elanore and John Carifa
Becky Watson and Betsy Carlin
Lisa Carpenter
Kevin Castor
Andy and Sarah Cavallaro
Todd Cedarholm
Elisa Chambers
Gillian Chapman
Christ Is Our Salvation Foundation
Kelley Web and Jeff Collins
Rona Ferguson and Daniel Collins
Community Foundation of Jackson Hole
Katharine Conover
Euginie Copp
Janet and John Costello
Helen and Mike Cottingham
Cara Cox
Charles and Lisa Craighead
Eva Crane
Mary Ann Cree
Anne and Randall Cresswell
John and Margaret Culbertson
Don Cushman
Joshua Mickelson and Katie Dahlgren
Paul and Julie D’Amours
Erin and Mitchell Dann
Susan Erickson and James Dannenberg
Joe and Susan Davenport
Peggy and Kirk Davenport
Betsy Davis
The Honorable and Mrs. Timothy Day
Virginia Dean
Pete and Sue Dennis
Betti Deutsch
Sonia Diaz
Dewey DiMarzio
Barbara Allen and Pete Dittmar
David Dodson
Jason and Laura Dunlop
Diana and Mike Eden
Lindsey Ehinger
David Elan
Jacqueline and Christian Erdman
Lori Clark-Erickson and Chris Erickson
Andy and Becky Erskine
Minh Tran and Pamela Evans
James Van Vliet and Kathleen Falconer-Finnegan
Olga Faller
Aida Farag
John and Martha Feagin
Elizabeth Ferguson
Richard and Jean Ferguson
Sara and Stephen Fetters
John and Robin Fields
Nancy Hoffman and Kenneth Finn
Denise and Andrew Fisher
Caryn and Timothy Flanagan
Frances Fleming
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Fossel
Petria and Scott Fossel
Karl M. Johnson Foundation
Miles Family Foundation
Mithun Family Foundation
Speyer Family Foundation
Spirit Dance Foundation
Stone River Foundation
Sweet Life Foundation
Kristen and Phillip Fox
Nanette Mattei and John Fox
T. Steffan Freeman
Peter and Cathy French
Lisa and Are Friesecke
Foster and Lynn Friess
Ronald and Jane Frisch
Newton Foundation Fund
Sarah Beninga and Clay Geittmann
Barbara and Larry Van Genderen
Warren and Martha Van Genderen
Jim and Jenny Gersack
Kate Gersh
Zach Hall and Julie Ann Giacobassi
Peggy Gilday and Maho Hakoshima
Martha and John Gilmore
Pam and Matt Gotham
Karen Terra and Robert Graham
Phyllis and Joseph Greene
Alexander Grenoble
Margi and Tim Griffith
Lynn and Tim Grimes
Jill Baldauf and Steve Grossman
Audrey and Roald Hagen
Virginia Halloran
Beverly Halm-Levin
Michael and Mills Halpin
Inger Hanson
Jake and Nacole Hanson
Nancy Hughes and Joaquin Hanson
David and Leslie Hardie
Carol and John Harkness
Ron and Lydia Harrington
George and Suzanne Harris
Karen Jerger and Chuck Harris
Cameron Hartman
Jan and Bob Hartman
Mallory Smith and Patrick Hattaway
Bruce and Carolynn Hawtin
Bill and Mary Hayes
Michael and Laurie Heatley
Deborah and John Hechinger
Elizabeth Karns Hecht Donor Advised Fund
Deborah Hedges
Ann Lin Heffner
Bruce and Gail Heimbuck
Kendra and Karl Heimbuck
Sarah Heisey
Peter Henderson
Ben Winship and Caroline Herter
Julie Hession
Sandy Hessler
Leslie and David Hill
Jane Hipp
Cynthia Hirsch
Berte Hirschfield
Anthony and Lynda Hitschler
Jill Aanonsen-Hodges and Dave Hodges
Sue and Jack Hogan
Lannie and William Hoglund
Tammie and Ted Van Holland
Mary and Terry Hudgens
Michael Sellett and Mary-Alice Huemoeller
Laura Huff
Dawn and John Hummel
Maggie and James Hunt
Loyd and Ward Hutchins
Margaret and Derek Hutton
Presbyterian Church of Jackson Hole
Laurie and Donald Jaekle
Ed Smail and Nancy Jarrell
Jane Jerger
Ben Hammond and Lisa Johnson
Elizabeth and Michael Jorgenson
Virginia Hutchinson and John Kanengieter
Pete and Jeanine Karns
Mark Kelleher and Holly Hunter
Donna Kelsey
Honora and Alexander Kerr
Joffa and William Kerr
Sarah Kerr
Carrie and Scott Kirkpatrick
Craig Kirkpatrick

Jane and Charles Kusek Charitable Fund
Suzanne Lagerman
David Landes
Patti Roser and Andrew Langford
Pete and Christy Lawton
Fiorella Lazarte
Claudia Wagner and Don Lebowitz
Debbie and Larry Leeper
Valerie and George LeFebre
Sharon and Larry Lennon
Miriam and Robert Lenz
Charles and Ilze Leonard
Tim Libassi
Loring Woodman and Melody Lin
Ellen and Eugene Linn
Carol and Jim Linton
Catherine and David Loevner
Tyson and Elizabeth Logan
Elizabeth Long
Elizabeth Micallef and Michael Long
Gretchen Long
Paul Lowham
Patty and John Lummis
Alan and Irene Lund
Ann Lurie
Katherine Lynch
Sarah Mabey
Ben MacKay
Andy and Clark MacKenzie
Natalia Duncan Macker and Thomas Macker
Sharon Mader
Ken and Ginny Mahood
Donna and Cliff Martin
Michael Paul Martin
Angus Goetz and Martha Mason
Suzanne and Timothy Mason
Georgia Mayer
James Mazzarisi
Duncan McClelland
Kari and Matt McCreedy
Kathryn Noyes and Michael McDonnell
Susan McDowell
Beverly McIlnay
Doyen McIntosh
Robert and Julie McLaurin
Pamela Case McLeod
Amy and Lyle McReynolds
Kathleen Osterman-Meisner and Greg Meisner
Pamela and Peter Mettler
Mary Kay and Jim Micallef
Ann Thayer and John Millar
Dawn Webster and Patrick Millard
Amy Minella
Emmie Hill and Mike Minter
Dave and Allison Monroe
Richard Reese and Nancy Monroe
Margaret Moore
Alice and Rodman Moorhead
Marguerite and George Moran
Paul Schmidt and Kathy Morgan
Devra David and Richard Morgenstern
Stacey and Robert Morse
Veldon Moser
Bertha Mount
Maureen Murphy
Sue Consolo Murphy and Kerry Murphy
Anne and Rod Newcomb
Mark Newcomb and Allison Von Maur
Pamela and Richard Niner
Tom and Nancy Ninnemann
Mario and Levon Nishkian
April and Alex Norton
Mr. and Mrs. Alex Norton
John and Dorothy O’Dwyer
Selena and Luis Ojeda
Matthew Oldham
Anna and Jeff Olson
Kevin and Shelley Olson
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Olson
Janet and Bill O’Neil
Donald and Judy Opatrny
Brandie and Mel Orchard
Sandy and Matt Ostdiek
Nicole Gill and Robert Ottaway, Jr.
Becky Hawkins and Jayne Ottman
Veronique and Marshall Parke
Mary Patno
Patti and Tom Patterson
Christopher Paul
Kristy and Derek Peacock
Peregrine Capital Management, LLC of The Minneapolis Foundation
Linda and David Perino
Claire and Glen Perrin
Charlotte Petri
Nancy and Bill Pettus
Leslie Peterson and Hank Phibbs
Nathan Phillips
Roxanne Pierson
Scott and Lisa Pierson
Shirley and Paul Piper
Sara Pittenger
Tracy and Greg Poduska
Rebecca Smith and Clifford Poindexter
Gloria Polis
Dawn and Michael Pruett
Greg, Sr. and Peggy Prugh
David and Patsy Raaum
Ellen and Dave Raisbeck
John and Mary Ray
Rebecca Reimers
Stephanie Barber-Renteria and Tupakk Renteria
Nancy Resor
Jim Waldrop and Charlotte Reynolds
Smokey and Chuck Rhea
Abi Ridgway
Leslie Mattson and William Rigsby
Lori Fields and Marlin Risinger
Scott Roberts
Amy and Michael Robertson
John Robertson
Andrea and Monroe Rosenthal
Charlie Ross
Charlie Ross
Roberta and Thomas Rossetter
Shane Rothman
Lauren and Vincent Roux
Patricia Russell
Robert and Marjoie Rutford
Ann and Paul Ruttle
Ann and Steve Ryan
James and Lisa Ryan
Debra Sanford
Joseph and Ellen Sanford
Anita and Julian Saul
Derek Schaefer
Patricia Schaefer
Kristine and Joseph Schaeffer, III
Tom and Becky Schell
Maggie and Brian Schilling
Michael and Claudia Schrotz
Nelson and Jane Schwab
Jon and Jennifer Scott
Tracy Scruggs
Tina Seay
Kristin Shean
Emily and Titus Shelby
Michael Sillman
Beck Sinclair
Ann Smith
Randall and Doris Smith
Veronica Schreibeis Smith and Jason Smith
Mona Sobieski
Brandon Spackman
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Staehr
Jennifer and Michael Stauth
Carol Baker and Mark Stein
Elliot and Eileen Stein
Martha Stewart
Meredith and Chris Stiehl
Kathryn Chloe Stock
Rachael and William Stocker
Bryant Stolp
Laura and Steve Stuchal
Heather Sturgess
Mark Sullivan
Karla Swiggum
Kenneth and Caroline Taylor Family Foundation
Michael Taylor
Betty and Chuck Terrill
Allan and Frances Tessler
Thursday Roundtable Fund of the Community Foundation of JH
Shirley and Dan Thomas
Nancy Leon and Charlie Thomson
Estela Torres
Georgene Tozzi
Stanford and Barbara Trachtenberg
Forest Tran
Bruce and Sandra Tully
Stephen and Amy Unfried
Collin Vaughn
Devon Viehman
Jami and Bill Voge
Paul and Rebecca Vogelheim
Julie and Darrick Walker
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Wan
Elizabeth Ward
Teresa and William Waterman
John Nixon and Christine Watkins
Cristine and Stephen Watson
Joni and Robert Weed
Wendy and Chad Weiss
Robert Wemple
Joe and Ann Wenger
Marylee White
Elizabeth and Hall Whitworth
Chris and Erich Wilbrecht
Amy and Scott Williams
Marisa Wilson
Chris and Kurt Wimberg
Diane and B. Philip Winder
Lance and Christine Windey
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Wireman
Robert Biolchini, Jr. and Josie Wittner
Jeffry and Barbara Wogoman
Libby Crews-Wood and Peter Wood
Martha McCravey and Alan Wood
Christi Yannelli
Steven and Kelly Zelikovitz
Michael and Sasha Zolik



Partner families
contributed at The Grove


Hours invested in
sweat equity


Contributed towards
closing costs

Sweat Equity Program

As partner families put in their hours, they form bonds with staff and other volunteers, and vice versa. As volunteers from different backgrounds work together, they bridge the gaps between those backgrounds. And as these bonds are formed, they attain a greater understanding of the universal qualities that make us human, and thus, an understanding of the idea that everyone, no matter who they are, deserves a safe, decent place to live. This process, repeated by over 8,000 volunteers with 41 partner families, has a palpable impact on the Greater Teton Area.

Homeowner Education Program

Teton Habitat’s program includes comprehensive education for our partner families to help ensure their long-term success as first time homeowners and support them in being contributing members of a healthy community.

Over the 18 months between their selection and the time they purchase and move in to their new home, these families learn about home building first hand by contributing 500 hours of sweat equity in the construction of their home. They also complete 18 classes designed to educate them, as a family, in all matters related to owning and maintaining a home. They each work with a volunteer community advocate to

support them in integrating and applying the knowledge gained from these classes to their specific circumstances and goals. Community members, who are experts in the relevant topic area, lead the classes, which sometimes include panel discussions to expose the home buyers to a broad range of perspectives.

Meet Our Families

The Robertson Family

The Robertson family is made up of five people. Michael and Amy are the parents of three beautiful children: Michaela, Lucas, and Joseph. Amy is a stay at home mom who enjoys blogging and creating art by painting with acrylics, colored pencils, charcoal, and oil pastels. Michael is an IT Assistant at the Bank of Jackson Hole in Jackson since 2009.

The Robertsons originally started renting in Alpine in 2013. Having outgrown their unit, the three Robertson’s kids did not have much space for playing and growing. The youngest child, Joseph, shared a room with his parents. The Robertson family applied four times to the Habitat homeownership program before being selected to be partner families. They have volunteered on Habitat’s construction sites in the past and knew well about our program. “Our children are as excited as we are that we get to build our very own home. As parents, we are grateful that we will soon have a permanent home to raise our dear family. We are also grateful for the opportunity to learn how to build and care for our home after it is built. We feel so humbled and grateful for this huge blessing and privilege,” stated Amy.

The Ojeda Family

The Ojeda family encompasses Selena, Luis and their two beautiful children, Selah and Noah. Luis is the Assistant to the Flying Saddle Ranch Resort Manager and Selena is a homemaker. Luis was born in Mexico and came to the US when he was five years old. Selena grew up in Idaho and moved to Wyoming in 2009. She is grateful to be able to stay at home with her children and enjoys teaching them new things and watching them grow. The Ojedas moved from a modular home in Alpine. The modular home was moved a few years back from its original location; and when moved and resettled, some of the home walls cracked. Although the family fixed as much as they could, the house continued to show damage and presents problems that made it difficult for the family to enjoy and feel safe in this space. The ceiling had water damage and the roof was unstable.

Both Selena and Luis said, “We have always wanted to give our children a stable and safe home to grow in and make memories of their own. Our faith has everything to do with this wonderful blessing". "Having this opportunity (to build and buy a Habitat home) has had a huge impact in our life. We will forever be grateful for what Habitat for Humanity has done for our family.”

Teton Habitat has housed 44 families since 1995.
Of the 178 individuals housed, 107 have been children.

Future Homeowners

The Darnel Family


Aesthetician, ReStore Associate
3 Family size
24 Years in Community before Habitat

The Sausano Martinez Family


Childcare Center Worker, Stone & Tile Laborer
4 Family size
27 Years in Community before Habitat

The Feicht Family


Insurance Account Manager, Child Care/Tutor
5 Family size
5 Years in Community before Habitat

The Knobe Family


Personal Trainer/Bookkeeper
3 Family size
10 Years in Community before Habitat

The Sanchez Family


Customer Service Manager
3 Family size
8 Years in Community before Habitat

The Cosby Family


Dispatch Supervisor, Caretaker and Seasonal Decorator
3 Family size
12 Years in Community before Habitat

The Eva Family


TSA Agent
3 Family size
14 Years in Community before Habitat

The Kelsik Family


Events Coordinator, Operations Manager
2 Family size
14 Years in Community before Habitat

The Musselman Family


Restaurant Manager
2 Family size
10 Years in Community before Habitat

Affordable Homes

The Grove Phase III

Learn More


average mortgage payment

$160/square foot

average construction cost to build The Grove.


A full circle community resource, the Habitat ReStore is a hub where people can donate used goods, purchase home improvement items at a fraction of the retail price, and volunteer to support the whole cause.

One of hundreds of independently owned Habitat ReStores across the nation, the ReStore in Jackson has one of the higher revenue per square foot ratios in the country. Completing it’s first full year back in it’s original location since the devastating fire in 2015, the Teton Habitat ReStore continues to grow, providing critical support for the local Habitat program and serving as an important community resource.

316 Tons

waste diverted from landfill




Of operating expenses


FY2018 Use of Funds

FY2018 Sources of Funds


Build With Us