2019 Annual Report

An affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International, Habitat for Humanity of the Greater Teton Area (Teton Habitat) was founded in 1995. Habitat for Humanity is striving for a world where everyone has a decent place to live. Our mission is, “Seeking to put God’s love into action, Habitat for Humanity brings people together to build homes, communities and hope.”



Habitat Homes
Since 1995


Home completed
this year


Currently under construction

President & Executive Director Letter

Dear Habitat Friends,

As a community, we face the crucial challenge of providing viable housing options for our workforce  as demand continues to outpace affordable supply. We are proud of the progress Teton Habitat made this year. This steady and determined progress has guided our organization for the past twelve months.  The Grove, a 24-home project and Teton Habitat’s largest to date, remained on schedule, under budget, and reached the halfway point of construction. Upon final completion in June 2021, 35 adults and 47 children will have a place to call home at The Grove. 

Strong volunteerism and generous financial support from the individuals and organizations recognized in this report are the key components to the timely completion and affordable nature of Habitat homes. We are inspired by the 10,571 hours logged by Habitat volunteers in fiscal year 2019. We are so thankful for the funding we receive through donations not only to the Grove, but also to our general operations.  

We would be remiss not to recognize the contributions from our board of directors, committee members, and staff. Their dedication and enthusiasm are invaluable to keeping our momentum. 

We are grateful to all of you for committing your time, money and effort to the mission of this organization. In the coming year, Teton Habitat will continue to focus resources on the successful completion of The Grove, and filling a pipeline of housing projects looking forward. As you scroll through this annual report, please join us in celebrating our successes of this past year.

Carol Linton
Board President

Kris Greenville
Executive Director

Board of Directors

  • Carol Linton, President
  • Mark Dalby, Vice President
  • Joshua Mickelson, Treasurer
  • Jean Day, Secretary
  • Meredith Adams
  • Barbara Allen
  • Don Baker
  • Todd Cedarholm
  • Jason Dunlop
  • Jacqueline Erdman
  • Augusta Friendsmith
  • Maggie Hunt
  • Dawn Pruett
  • Richard Uhl


FY2019 Use of Funds

FY2019 Sources of Funds

The Habitat Model

Habitat builds homes in partnership with hardworking families in the Greater Teton Area and helps build stronger families and neighborhoods through homeowner education and by partnering with donors and volunteers to construct attractive, affordable homes. Homes are sold at no profit to pre-selected partner families and individuals with an interest-free loan to ensure affordable monthly payments. Homeowners are required to contribute at least 500 hours of “sweat equity”, save for closing costs, and take a series of homeowner education classes in order to purchase the home. Habitat also runs the Habitat for Humanity ReStore, which sells donated building supplies, home furnishings and appliances to help fund Habitat’s program.

Community Involvement


Volunteer Hours


Businesses donated, materials or financial support


Donors and Build Partners supported Habitat work

Annual Sponsors



to the individuals, businesses and organizations who make Habitat efforts possible. We can not do it without you.

Business and Organizational Supporters

307 Builders

  • 49’er Inn & Suit

Accentuate Inc.

Advanced Computing Inc.

Amangani Resort

AmazonSmile Foundation

Anvil Hotel and Glorietta Trattoria

Bank of Jackson Hole

Bank of the West

Bentwood Inn

Beyond Efficiency

Big-D Signature

Bike & Build

Bonded Logic

Brian Siegfried, Teton Realty Today

Camille Thomas Real Estate

Carol Linton Properties

Caspar Long Term Care Planning

Center for the Arts

Christ Is Our Salvation Foundation

Coldwater Paint & Prefinish

Community Foundation of Jackson Hole

Community Foundation of Jackson Hole Youth Philanthropy Program, awarded by Summit Innovations School

Community Safety Network

Creative Building Solutions, LLC

Delta Kappa Gamma Society

Desmond Jennings/Narragansett LLC


El Abuelito

Elk Refuge Inn

Evans Construction

Facebook Inc.

Field, Vinson & Associates

Fine Dining Group

First Interstate Bank

First Republic Bank

Fish Creek Excavation

Floral Art

Fodor Law Office P.C.

Fresh Life Church

Gliffen Designs

Grand Teton Brewing

Grand Teton Property Management

Grant Teton Floor & Window

Grizzly Country Wildlife Adventures

Gun Barrel Steak and Game House

Habitat for Humanity International

Hand Fire Pizza

Hawtin Jorgensen Architects 

Homewood Suites

Hughes Charitable Foundation

Hughes Productions

Inn on the Creek

J. Singleton Financial

Jackson Family Dentistry

Jackson Hole Airport Board

Jackson Hole Buffalo Meat Company

Jackson Hole Community Counseling Center

Jackson Hole Community Housing Trust

Jackson Hole Jewelry

Jackson Hole Land Trust

Jackson Hole Lodge

Jackson Hole Middle School’s American Dream 2019

Jackson Hole Real Estate Associates

Jackson Hole Still Works

JL Concrete & Construction

Karen Martin, Incredible Edibles

Kate’s Real Food

Katie Brady Real Estate

Katie Murphy State Farm

King Sushi

Lindley Rust Photography

Linton Productions, Lindsay Linton Buk


Lynn Grimes, CPA, P.C.

Macy’s Services

Mithun Family Foundation

Modern Postcard

Moe’s Original BBQ

Mountain Property Management

Native Jackson Hole

New West KnifeWorks

Nora’s Fish Creek Inn

Northwestern Mutual, Brendan McDermott

Notwen Corporation


Pacific Marine Logistics, Inc.

Patrica A. Roser, CPA

Pearl Street Bagels

Pearls By Shari

Penny Lane Cooperative

Quiznos Sub of JH

Ranch Shop & Ranch Inn

RBR Foundation Inc.

Ridgeline Log & Timber

Roadhouse Brewing Co.

Rocky Mountain Appraisals

Rocky Mountain Yeti

Rose Consulting, LLC

Rusty Parrot Lodge & Spa

Schultz Law Firm LLC

Shepherd of the Mountains Lutheran Church

Sidewinders American Grill

Silver Star Communications

Skinny Skis

Smith’s Food & Drug

Snake River Brewing

Snake River Interiors

Snow King Resort

Sorensen & Flanagan, LLC

Spence Law Firm

Spring Creek Ranch

St. John’s Episcopal Church

St. John’s Medical Center

Stinky Prints

Systemic Change Fund, Fred Keller

Teton County District Court

Teton County Integrated Solid Waste and Recycling

Teton County Library Foundation

Teton Creek Bookkeeping

Teton Eye Clinic

Teton Heritage Builders

Teton Motors

Teton Rental Center

Tetonservices LLC

The Engh Foundation

The Equipoise Fund

The Lexington at Jackson Hole

The Liquor Store of Jackson Hole 

The Wort Hotel

Thursday Roundtable Fund of the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole

Tom Evans Real Estate

Tower 3 Productions

Town Square Inns



Virginian Lodge


Wells Fargo

Wendie King – Advantage Realty

West Lives On Gallery


Whiskey Girl Designs

White Buffalo Club

Wilkenson & Associates

William E. Wecker Associates

Willow Street Group, LLC

Workshop Collaborative, Ken Mahood

Wyoming Community Development Authority

Wyoming Community Foundation

Wyoming Dept. of Workforce Services

Wyoming Title & Escrow

Xowyo Paper + Press

Y2 Consultants, LLC

Zions Bank

Individual Donors
  • Anonymous (40)

Aaron Flores

Adam and Emily Janak

Alan and Irene Lund

Alan J. Hirschfield Foundation

Alex Galicia

Alex Kastor and Dawn Tate

Alice and Rodman Moorhead

Alison Lee

Allan and Frances Tessler Donor Advised Fund

Allison Cohane

Allison Landers

Alyssa Collins

Alyssa Watkins

Amanda and Trey Moore

Amy and Casey Morton

Amy and Jeff Golightly

Amy and Joe Madera

Amy and Steve Unfried

Amy Brooks and Herb E. Brooks III

Amy C. Wheeler

Andrea Rosenthal

Andrew Bergin

Andrew Gabriel

Angela Burton

Ann Cohn

Ann Cornell

Ann Smith

Ann Thayer and John Millar

Anne Creddwell

Anne Love Hall

Arne Jorgensen

Ashley Colgate

Audrey and Rody Hagen

Augusta Friendsmith

Barbara Allen

Barbara and Larry Van Genderen

Barbara Burris and Dede Burnstine

Barbara Gentry

Barbara Hauge

Barry and Priscilla Sibson

Becky Hawkins and Jayne Ottman

Ben and Addie Pascal

Ben Hammond and Lisa Johnson

Ben Levin and Beverley Halm-Levin

Beth Stromberg

Bill and Carol Maloney

Bill and Nancy Pettus

Billy and Julia Cox

Blair Costello

Bob and Miriam Lenz

Bob Gordon

Bomber Bryan

Bonnie Bell and Merton J. Bell III

Bradley and Charlotte Krugh

Brenda Mercer

Brian Nystrom

Bruce and Elizabeth Bowen

Bruce and Gail Heimbuck

Bruce and Sandra Tully

Bruce Hawtin

C Nancy Evans, in honor of Moira Ryan

Camilla J. Steward

Cara and Peter Goodwin

Carla Lynn Douglas

Carol A. Wilson

Carol Connors

Caroline Drayton

Carolyn and David Svendsen

Carolyn Miller

Caryn and Tim Flanagan

Catherine and David Loevner

Catie Malone

Chad T Darnel

Charles Koob

Charles Woodward

Charlie and Lisa Craighead

Charlotte Kidd

Chris and Kurt Wimberg

Christi Yannelli

Christina and Dan Feuz

Christine and Erich Wilbrecht

Claire Owen Adams

Claudia Wagner and Don Lebowitz

Clifford Poindexter and Becky Werner

Connie Wieneke and Richard Greenwood

Corinne Jennings

Courtney Allen

Cynthia Bennett

Dail Barbour

Daniel and Joyce Butcher

Dave and Janine Lloyd

David and Elizabeth Himelson

David and Lisa Carlin

David and Patsy Raaum

David Barnett

David Elan

Dawn Pruett

Dawn Webster

Dean Scofield and Mimi Smith

Debbie and Randy Barker

Debbie Leeper

Deborah and Brian Ohlwiler in honor of Patti Roser

Deborah Hedges

Denise and Andrew Fisher

Derek Schaefer

Devra Davis and Richard Morgenstern

Dewey DiMarzio

Diane Winder

Dimmis Weller Zeigler and Gregory Zeigler

Don Baker and Valerie Brown

Don Cushman

Donald and Laurie Jaekle

DuBose and Sallie Ausley

Ed Henze

Ed Smith and Martha Friend

Eleanore and John Carifa

Elisa and Andy Chambers

Elisabeth Rohrbach

Elizabeth Ferguson

Elizabeth Long

Emily and T.R. Shelby

Erin and Mitch Dann

Ernie Rodriguez

Estela Torres

Euginie Copp

Eva Brock

Foster and Lynn Friess

Fran Biolchini

Fran Fleming

Frank Burgess

Frank Butterfield

Franz Camenzind

Fred and Helen Arbuckle

Geoff and Susan Armstrong

George & Marguerite Moran

George and Valerie LeFebre

Georgia Mayer

Ginny Hutchinson and John Kanengieter

Ginny Stradley Meagher

Gisela Kenyon and John Kahlbetzer

Glen and Claire Perrin

Gloria and Kylie Geffre

Gloria Polis

Greg Sorensen

Gregg and Cathy Ward

Gwenn Gilday

Hannah Hurst

Helen and Mike Cottingham

Hyatt and Brittany Baker

Inger Hanson

Isabel Zumel

J. Leslie Hill

Jack and Carrie Howe

Jack and Cindy Hamel

Jackie Riley

Jacqueline and Christian Erdman

James and Hille Elwood

James and Kathryn Sobieski

James C. Ambler Jr. Jan Friedlund Monte Steedley

James Dannenberg and Susan Erickson

Jan Friedlund Jim and Emily Ambler Monte and D. Steedley

Jane and Charles Kusek

Jane and John Carey

Jane Ifland

Jane Jerger

Janotta-Pearsall Family Fund

Jason and Laura Dunlop

Jean and Fred Staehr

Jean and Pete Jorgensen

Jean and Tim Day

Jeff and Sam Brown

Jeff Doane

Jennifer Overcast

Jennifer Staph

Jenny and Casey Holladay

Jeremy and Kelly Mayor

Jill Baldauf and Steve Grossman

Jim and Carol Linton

Jim and Kathryn Cowles

Jim and Lisa Ryan

Jim and Maggie Hunt

Jim Ross

Jim Sorensen

Jim Waldrop and Charlotte Reynolds

Joan Hatheway

Joe and Ann Wenger

Joe and Gainor Bennett

Joey Caesar

Johanna Love

John and Alice Finley

John and Ann Willott

John and Carol Harkness

John and Dawn Fummel Foundation

John and Dorothy O’Dwyer

John and Kamilla Hurley

John and Margaret Culbertson

John and Patty Lummis

John Garel

John LaBrec

John M. Hooper II

John Nixon and Christine Watkins

John Robertson

Joshua Mickelson and Katie Dahlgren

Josie Wittner and Robert Biolchini, Jr.

Juan Morales

Judy and Jim Vandel

Julian and Anita Saul

Julie and Brian Tanabe

Julie Ann Giacobassi and Zach Hall

Julie Butler

Julie Hession

Julie Matzke

Julie Rocherolle

Justin Nevins

Kal Stromberg

Karen and Max Martin

Karen Jerger and Chuck Harris

Karl M. Johnson Foundation

Katharine Conover

Katherine Riddle

Kathleen Jefferis

Kathy Karahadian

Kathy Lynch

Kathy Remus and Mike Meyer

Katie Colbert Brady

Katie-Chloe Stock

Katrina Belle

Katy Hollbacher

Kay and Jack Krouskup

Keith and Liz Sunshine

Kelly and George Davis

Ken and Ginny Mahood

Kendra and Karl Heimbuck

Kenneth and Caroline Taylor

Kerri Ratcliffe and Doug Henderson

Kristen and Phillip Fox

Kristin Kelly

Kristin Shean

Kristine Schaeffer and Joey Schaeffer III

Kristy and Derek Peacock

Kurt Gries

Kymber Everett

Lance and Christine Windey

Landon Kaye

Lannie Hoglund

Larry Lennon

Laura and Dan Peterson

Lauren Conrad

Leah Corrigan

Leslie and David Hill

Leslie Mattson and William Rigsby

Leslie Peterson and Hank Phibbs

Lettie Arnold

Liana Moskowitz

Libby and Peter Wood

Lin Melody and Loring Woodman

Linda Mars

Lisa and Are Friesecke

Lisa Lent and Joannes Gnauck

Lisa Ridgway

Lisbeth and Carter Beise

Lorelie Miller

Lori Cahn and Doug Brown

Lori Clark-Erickson and Chris Erickson

Lori Fields and Marlin Risinger

Loyd Hutchins

Lynda and Anthony Hitschler

M.J and Dan Forman

Maho Hakoshima and Peggy Gilday

Maio and Levon Nishkian

Mak and Kathleen Mague

Manny Garcia

Marcia Kunstel and Joseph Albright

Margaret Hutton

Margi & Tim Griffith

Marian and Marc Milgram

Marilee Gordon

Marilyn Bessom

Marina Hoggan

Mark and Lisa Vallely

Mark and Teri Snell

Mark Headley and Christina Pehl

Mark Kelleher and Holly Hunter

Mark Zwerin

Marnie and Tony Paulus

Martha and John Gilmore

Martha J. Stewart

Martine Lamoureux

Mary and Jack Ray

Mary and Lee Cutler

Mary and Terry Hudgens

Mary Kate Buckley

Mary Kay and John Turner

Mary Patno

Marylee White

Matt and Julie Faupel

Matt Hare

Matt Oldham

Matthew and Sandy Ostdiek

Matthew Herron and Lindley Rust

Maureen Murphy

Mauricio Morales and Rita Sanchez

Megan Hartman

Melissa Cassutt

Meredith Adams

Meredith Landino

Meridy and Chris Stiehl

Merril Hermanson

Michael and Amy Robertson

Michael and Claudia Schrotz

Michael and Jennifer Stauth

Michael and Lisa Cornelius

Michael and Sasha Zolik

Michael Long and Elizabeth Micallef

Michael McDonnell and Kathryn Noyes

Michael Sellett

Michael Sillman

Michele Ann Fletcher

Michele Gammer and Andrew Salter

Michelle Babcock

Mike and Diana Eden

Mike and Paty Gierau

Mike Minter and Emmie Hill

Mike Rheam and Jamie Mackintosh

Mike Yin

Missy W. Falcey

Mona P. Sobieski

Mr. & Mrs. John L. Scott

Myrna and Steve Greenberg

Nancy and Andrew Carson

Nancy and John Wilbrecht

Nancy Guthrie

Nancy Hughes

Nancy Leon

Nancy Monroe and Rich Reese

Nancy Resor

Nanette Mattei

Nicholas Krauss

Nick and Lani Orsillo

Nick Toye

Nicole and Andrew Sheenan

Nicole and Baird Garrett

Nicolle Moyer

Oliver Tripp

Omar and Katie Murray

Open Hands Foundation, Darrick and Julie Walker

Pam and Matt Gotham

Pam Case

Pamela and Richard Niner

Pat and Stephen Bates

Patricia Schaefer

Patti Paterson

Patti Roser and Andrew Langford

Paul and Shirley Piper

Paul Schmidt and Kathy Morgan

Paul Vogelheim

Diane & Jim Brown, Donna & Cliff Martin

Pete and Jeanine Karns

Peter and Betsy Chung

Peter and Kirsten Kern

Peter and Susan Dennis

Peter Henderson

Peter Lawton

Phyllis and Joe Greene

Pike & Susan Sullivan Foundation

Rachael and William Stocker

Rachel Clines

Rachel Warren

Ralph and Megan Callaway

Randall and Dorie Smith

Randell and Trisha Mayers

Randy and Nicole Luskey

Richard and Jean Ferguson

Richard Uhl and Rae Ambroz

Robert and Jan Benz

Robert and Jan Hartman

Robert and Marjorie Rutford

Robert Grady and Colleen Maloney

Robert O’Brien

Robert Wemple

Roberta Bemis

Roberta Taylor

Robin and John R. Fields

Rodney and Anne Newcomb

Ronald and Jane Frisch

Rose Marie Caiazzo

Rossetter Donor Advised Fund

Samantha Eddy

Sarah and Steven Kraemer

Sarah Beninga and Clay Geittmann

Sarah Kerr

Scott and Janet Hoversland

Scott and Lisa Pierson

Scott Weaver

Shane Rothman

Shawn Meisl

Shelby and Rosie Read

Shelley Holland

Sheryl and Jeff Flug

Smail and Jarrell Fund

Sonia Diaz

Spirit Dance Foundation

Stacey and Rob Caesar, Jr.

Stanford & Barbara Trachtenberg

Stefan Fodor

Steffan Freeman

Stephan and Anne Ashley

Stephan and Laura Abrams

Stephanie Brennan

Stephen and Laura Stuchal

Stephen and Sarah Fetters

Steve and Amy Unfried

Steve and Kelly Zelikovitz

Steve and Sami Robinson

Stuart and Susie Palmer

Sue and Jack Hogan

Sue Consolo-Murphy and Kerry Murphy

Susan McDowell

Susan Oremus

Suzanne Kemmerer

Suzanne Lagerman

Sylvia Beck and Jay Federman

Ted and Gina Kyle

Terri Marino

The Jaquith Family Foundation

The Olson Family

The Schendel Family Foundation

The StoneRiver Foundation

The Web-Collins Family

Theodore Roumanis

Thomas and Anne Muller

Thomas Campbell

Thomas Hirsch

Tifani Fox

Tim Beaudin and Jodi Pederson

Tim Libassi

Timpe-Crane Family Fund

Tisch Brown

Tobin M. Biolchini

Todd and Maureen Ellingson

Tom and Becky Schell

Tom and Nancy Ninnemann

Tony and Linda Brooks

Tracy and Greg Poduska

Tracy Lamb

Tricia O’Connor

Tyler Montgomery

Tyson and Elizabeth Logan

Val Salmin

Valerie and John Guettler

Warren and Martha Van Genderen

Warren Myers

Wendy Martinez

Whitney Tamm

Will and Laura Davenport

William and Janet O’Neil

William and Joffa Kerr

William and Lannie Hoglund

William Boughton

William Robert Elledge III

Courtney Kudera

Thomas Ralston

Meet Our Current Grove Homeowners!


Partner Families


Hours Contributed to Sweat Equity


Dollars Saved for Closing






Years in the Community

The Douglas’

The Cornelius’

The Morales-Sanchez’s

The Murray’s

Alison Lander

The Howard’s

The Badillo-Vazquez’s

The Moyer’s

Meet Our Future Grove Homebuyers

Heather Cosby

For me, what it means to have the opportunity to partner with Habitat for Humanity building a home in the town where I have spent most of my adult life is a dream realized. I moved to the Tetons when I was just 21 years old. I have lived, loved and worked in this valley giving it my heart. To have the opportunity to provide a home for my boys to live in and come back to when they are grown is what I have always hoped for. For our family and for my boys to have a home that is safe and secure is a true blessing for them and will provide them with such a positive foundation to build on as they grow into fine young men.”

Michelle Knobe

It means roots will be planted! After being in Jackson for over 10 years now, I know my family will finally have the stability we need to thrive! I feel very fortunate for my children to be raised in such a giving and supportive community!”

Betsy Kelsik

“It is truly a dream come true to have been given the opportunity to own my own home in this magical valley! I feel so incredibly lucky that I will soon have a safe, stable and affordable place to call home for my daughter and myself. To know that I will no longer have to endure the stress and worry of the Jackson housing struggle is huge. I am really beyond grateful to the Habitat organization for providing these opportunities to those of us in need of a hand up so that we may better the quality of life for our families and allow us to live and thrive in this wonderful community.”

Faraday Musselman

“We are overwhelmed with gratitude for this opportunity. This will make it possible for my son and I to build a secure life for ourselves in this wonderful town we call home.”

Nancy Sanchez

We are very happy, this is a huge step in our life. Thank you so much for selecting our family. It is an inexplicable feeling and instills a great sense of security to provide a home for my children. This will not be easy, though we have the energy and effort to make this dream come true. On behalf of our tiny family, we thank everyone who contributed to this project from the  bottom of our hearts.”

The Susano-Martinez Family

“Having a Habitat Home means providing a secure future for our children. It means working harder for them to be able to have access to a great education. It’s an opportunity to watch them grow in a safe place where they can play, learn, and reach their full potential. Having a home is a dream come true.”

Ginger Eva

“Having a habitat home means security for my family and me. No more stress over changing schools for Cooper and Tessa. This home changes everything!”

Esther Montiel-Moreno

”We would love to have stability and less worries in a home that we can call our own. Our partnership through Habitat is the possibility to make our dreams come true.”


313 Tons

Waste Diverted from Landfill


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Spring 2019: Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico


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