Meet Our New Future Homebuyers!

Meet the Alvarado Household!

Hugo Alvarado has lived in the Greater Teton Area since 1999, his wife, Magali Alvarado moved into the area in 2018 after nearly 20 years of being separated! Hugo worked for future in which he could be reunited with his wife and three kids, Alisson (17), Hugo (13), and Ana (5). Hugo works in Maintenance for the Cowboy Village Resort and as a busser for Blue Collar Restaurant Group. Magali is a Housekeeper for the Wort Hotel.

The Alvarado Family is currently living in a small 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom home. There are overcrowding issues and problems with heating. Their home is not properly insulated, no closet space and the washer and dryer is in the master bedroom, which causes heating problems.

The Alvarado family applied with Habitat to find stability through homeownership and provide a future for their family after being separated for such a long time! Hugo and Magali are excited for their teen children to be able to engage in more opportunities in their community.

“Having a home and a family is the greatest blessing we can have.” –The Alvarado Family


Meet the Beech Household!

Katie Beech, has lived in the Greater Teton Area since 2010! She is the Business Manager for Intermountain Roofing in Jackson. Katie loves to have a job that serves this community and looks forward to an opportunity to raise her kids in Jackson!

Katie and her kids, Ethan (19), Damon (14), and Marlee (11), live in an apartment where more than half of Katie’s monthly income goes to rent. They have adapted a big closet of the laundry room as a bedroom in order to create enough room and private space. There is poor heating and pest infestation.

Katie applied with Habitat to in search of stability through a home she can afford so that her kids can continue to blossom in the community.

”Family is not a thing.  Family is everything.  This is my Family, and they are my EVERYTHING!” The Beech Family


Meet the Cortes-Olvera Household!

Ruben Cortes has lived in the Greater Teton Area since 2014 and his wife, Jenny Olvera, was born and raised in area! They are new parents of Lionel (3 months) and they are excited for the opportunity to continue to grow and learn from their community. Ruben is a Mason for Four Corners Masonry Inc. and Jenny is a student and a stay-at-home mom. Although they are young, they believe that hard work and determination will help them through any life circumstances that would stop them from fulfilling their goals.

Currently, Ruben, Jenny, and Lionel live in one small bedroom in a shared house in Driggs, Idaho. There is six adults plus a few kids living in a 3 bedroom-1bathroom home. Now with a newborn baby, they will quickly outgrow the room. The home is old and has issues with heating, inadequate insulation, plumbing issues, and pest issues.

Ruben and Jenny applied for a home because they believe that being first time homebuyers will make them more responsible and dedicated to their work, thus giving their young family a better future.

“For us as a family, a home is the beginning of a new stage in our life that will be part of a better future, because a home represents harmony, peace, security and a great responsibility.” – The Cortes-Olvera Family


Meet the Garcia Household!

Lizmairu “Liz” Garcia was born and raised in Jackson! Liz would like to raise her son, Emmanuel (4), in the place she calls home! Liz is a front desk agent at The Lodge and she is excited for the chance to begin a new stage in her life and with her community.

Liz and her son Emmanuel currently share a room they rent from family. They live in an old trailer home that has some foundation and insulation issues. As Emmanuel gets older their room gets a little tighter, they are in need of their own space!

As a single mother, it is hard to find a place that she can afford. Liz has lived in Jackson her whole life and she wants to stay to continue to be part of our community! Liz applied with Habitat for a chance to become independent and grow with her son.

“Home means love, stability and security… home is wherever my son is.” The Garcia Family




Meet the Graham Household!

Tait Graham was born and raised in Jackson. He is passionate about helping his community, which is why he has worked in social services for the last 15 years. He worked at C-V Ranch, a residential school for children with emotional and mental disabilities, for 9 years. For the last 6 years, he has worked for Community Entry Services. Tait feels at his best when he is helping others!

Tait and his daughter, Tatum (13), live in a 2-bedroom basement apartment. The apartment has flooded every spring since it was built 7 years ago. It was bad last spring and the carpet in one of the bedrooms was completely soaked and ruined. In order to fix many of the damages that the flooding has produced, Tait and Tatum have had to move out of their apartment for weeks at a time!

Tait applied with Habitat because he feels it would be an amazing gift to be able to own and build your own home. The Graham Family are excited to be future homebuyers and advocates of Habitat.

“Owning a home in Jackson means everything to my daughter and me. It is stability, security, opportunity and independence that we have never had. It means not having to constantly move or worrying about flooding in the spring and a home for our dog. Habitat for Humanity has made the impossible possible.” – The Graham Family


Meet the Munguia Household!

Erica Munguia Fuentes, moved to the Greater Teton Area in 2004 and just a few years ago she was reunited with her son, Flavio Moreno Munguia, who is now living full time in Jackson. Erica is a Housekeeper for the 49’er Inn & Suites and Flavio is a cook for Blue Collar Restaurant Group. As a long time community member, Erica keeps working for the opportunity to own a home and provide a future for her family.

Erica and Flavio are currently living in a temporary 2 bedroom-1 bathroom apartment. The apartment walls are thin with poor insulation. The doors and windows do not function well especially in the winter and they experience extreme cold conditions inside the home. The heating system is dysfunctional and their health conditions are not the best due to issues with climate in the house.

Erica and Flavio applied with Habitat because they saw this as an opportunity to stick together after many years of being separated. Mother and son are ready to take the next steps for Homeownership!

“Having a home for us was a dream where our family could live safely and comfortably. Today we give thanks to Habitat for making that dream come true. Thank God for taking care of our family, for giving us love and health. ” – The Munguia Fuentes Family


Meet the Youcha Household!

Anika Youcha has been a resident in the Greater Teton Area for about 20 years! She is currently the Operations Manager for the JH Art Association. Anika is passionate about being involved in art education and supporting instructors and all students of art! Anika is fearful that without stable housing she may not be able to see the amazing growth of the Art Association, which is bringing to fruition in our community.

Anika and her daughter Victoria (9) are currently living in a 1.5 bedroom, one bath, and no closet space. Poorly insulated, as it is a very old log cabin, it requires constant keeping of fire, has had pipes freeze, inadequate plumbing due to overworked and aged system which causes yearly back up of septic and subsequent use of port-a-potty.

Anika and Victoria applied for a Habitat Home because they believe that the process of building through community is truly incredible and it maintains their faith in the goodness of humanity.

“To Victoria and me, home means having a safe and stable space to snuggle and learn, to be together and be yourself.” – The Youcha Family


Meet the Zarate Household!

Angela Zarate has lived in the Greater Teton Area for more than 20 years! Angela has accomplished many things and looks to her children for strength. She is currently working for Teton School District #1 as a Food Service Worker and has another part-time job as a Housekeeper.

Angela and her daughter Betzabed (13) currently live in a 1 bedroom-1 bathroom apartment. Her son, Miguel (23), often visits home from college. Angela has adapted the living room into a second bedroom so that her children can have their own space. The apartment has deteriorated. The heating system does not function and there are broken windows. There is also mold and floors rising in several parts of the apartment.

Angela applied with habitat in search of better living conditions for her teenage daughter. Her greatest wish is to have home she can call her own!

“A home is at the core of the family, the pillar of a better future for my children, and an example of values ​​and strength. Above all, I owe my many achievements to GOD our father, thank you for blessing me and taking care of me and guiding me as a mother and as a woman. To the Habitat organization, thank you very much and blessings to all! “ -The Zarate Family