Summer 2021 Homeowner Spotlight

How did you first hear about Habitat for Humanity?

I learned about Habitat through a coworker.

Can you tell us about your current housing situation?

My current housing situation is that where I live is 78 miles away from where I work.

What is your favorite task on the job site?

My favorite task on the job site was painting baseboards, shelves and window seals (everything that needed to be white!).

Do you have any stories about getting your volunteer hours finished?

Not a story but I absolutely loved working at the ReStore with Chad, Nicki, Nate, Forest and Oliver!

How will you decorate your home/make it your own?

Still undecided but I want it to be comfortable and open for entertaining friends/family.

Is there anyone you want to thank?

I want to thank Habitat for choosing me to be a part of this incredible program, my advocate Jean Day and my family for all of the support. Especially my mom and dad for taking care of Eli while I was in Jackson not only working at my full time job but when I was working to gain my sweat equity hours also!

Do any of your kids have something to say about getting their own room/a house? (If so, please let us know which child).

Eli: I am excited that I get to paint my room whatever color I want with Blackhawk and Penguin wall stickers, I’m going to get to have an air hockey table and we will be able to get a dog! I’m also excited to make new friends, go to a new school and play hockey in Jackson!