Who do we serve?

Who Do We Serve?

Jackson, WY and the Greater Teton Area are home to a close-knit community, active lifestyles, and stunning landscapes. Our town is a vibrant and diverse collection of individuals who have a passion for where they live, but for many, housing is a challenge.  The need ranges from seasonal employees who seek affordable, short-term rentals to long-time residents working in our community who want to enjoy the stability and benefits of homeownership. Habitat homeowners work jobs in Teton and Lincoln County that are vital to the framework of this community. Current Habitat homeowner jobs include librarians, nonprofit workers, teachers, health care assistants, hospital janitors, bookkeepers, construction workers, technology assistants, and pharmacist associates. Here are some of their stories.





The Moyers, The Grove, 2018

Nicolle Moyer and her daughter Afton became Habitat homeowners in October of 2018 at The Grove.  Nicole works for Bank of Jackson Hole and loves to give back to her community. Prior to being selected, they lived in a handicap accessible apartment unit. If it was needed for someone with a disability at any time, they would have had to move and would not be guaranteed another unit to live in. In their new Habitat home, Nicole and Afton now spend evenings making dinner and doing homework.

A home is more than a rock to sleep under. It is a place for personal growth, making memories and loving one another."
- Nicolle Moyer


The Robertsons, Alpine Meadows, 2017

The Robertsons joined the Alpine community 2013 but have quickly outgrown their small two bedroom apartment. The Robertsons have spent many hours volunteering on previous Habitat projects and were overjoyed to be selected after four application attempts.

Our children are as excited as we are that we get to build our very own home. As parents, we are grateful that we will have a permanent home to raise our dear family. We are also grateful for the opportunity to learn how to build and to continue to care for our home. We feel so humbled and grateful for this huge blessing and privilege.”

The Ojedas, Alpine Meadows, 2017

The Ojedas have been members of the Alpine community for over eight years and absolutely love it. Unfortunately, the modular home they once called home was relocated several years ago, causing irreparable damage to the walls and roof, and generating increasingly unsafe conditions. Now the happy parents of two beautiful children, they knew they had to find a solution, and Habitat was the answer.

We have always wanted to give our children a stable and safe home to grow in and make memories of their own. Having this opportunity to build and buy a Habitat home has had a huge impact in our life. We will forever be grateful for what Habitat for Humanity has done for our family.” - The Ojeda Family

The Jimenezes, Daisy Bush, 2015

The Jimenez family has called Jackson home for 12 years. Before receiving the keys to their Habitat home, the Jimenez family lived in a small, one bedroom house. The two teenagers shared a space in the hallway while the parents and youngest daughter shared the bedroom. With poor insulation, the utility bills sky rocketed in the winter and the family was often forced to turn off the heat leaving the family cold.

We are thankful to all the donors and the people who helped contribute their little grain of sand to make families as happy as we are, and who unite their efforts with Habitat to makes dreams become a reality.” - The Jimenez Family