“Having a home and a family is the greatest blessing we can have.”
–The Alvarado Family



“A home is at the core of the family, the pillar of a better future for my children, and an example of values ​​and strength. Above all, I owe my many achievements to GOD our father, thank you for blessing me and taking care of me and guiding me as a mother and as a woman. To the Habitat organization, thank you very much and blessings to all!”

– Zarate Family


“Home means love, stability and security... home is wherever my son is.”

– The Garcia Family



“To Victoria and me, home means having a safe and stable space to snuggle and learn, to be together and be yourself.”
–The Youcha Family



“Owning a home in Jackson means everything to my daughter and me. It is stability, security, opportunity and independence that we have never had. It means not having to constantly move or worrying about flooding in the spring and a home for our dog. Habitat for Humanity has made the impossible possible”.

– Graham Family


Interested in Homeownership?

Habitat for Humanity of the Greater Teton Area partners with families and individuals in a homeownership program to build simple, decent, and affordable housing in Jackson WY and the surrounding areas. Once accepted into the program, the future homeowner will build their home in partnership with Habitat supporters and volunteers, participate in a homeowner education program, save towards closing costs, and pay an affordable mortgage. Future homeowners are supported by Habitat staff throughout the entire process to ensure the successful completion of the program.

Selection Criteria

Need for Housing

Applications will be assessed by need for housing. Need for housing includes but is not limited to: structural, health or safety issues; overcrowding; unaffordable rent (paying more than 30% of monthly income in rent); unpredictable housing, inadequate medical or handicapped accessibility; and, commutes on average 30hr/week to Jackson annually for work. Applicants must also earn a steady income of no more than 80% of the area median income, AMI, (see table below).

Ability to Pay

The applicants must be able to make monthly mortgage payments of no more than 30% of their earnings and still continue to pay other debts they might have. If selected, applicants must be able to save for closing costs. Applicants should be able to demonstrate a steady income and a history of consistent, on time payments.  Credit reports, employer and landlord reference checks will be conducted for verification. If selected, a volunteer advocate will help applicants establish a plan for savings and sweat equity monthly goals.

Willingness to Partner

Applicants must demonstrate a willingness to partner with Habitat for Humanity in its homeownership program. This includes the acceptance of a 500-hour sweat equity requirement and a high publicity program, demonstrate progress on monthly savings, complete Habitat’s homebuyer education program, and take responsibility for the care of their own home. Sweat equity goals are divided as follows: single household (250 personal/250 friends and family hours); dual household (300 personal/200 friends and family hours).

Step by Step Process







Is Habitat Homeownership Program
A Right Fit For You?

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Other programs that might help you:

Need to Improve your Credit?

Wyoming Housing Network, Inc.

Need more resources or homebuyer education?

Other Affordable Housing Organizations:

Jackson Hole Community Housing Trust

Jackson/Teton County Affordable Housing


For this application you will provide applicant information (co-applicant if applicable), dependents, present housing conditions, employment information, household monthly income and expenses, and asset/debt information. The Homeownership Program Application is the first step in the intake process. Once completed the Homeowner Services Manager will be in touch, once there is a home available for purchase through Habitat, you will be contacted in order to submit income verification documents.

Assess Your Mortgage Readiness

Upon submitting your Program Application, do a self-evaluation of your credit, debt/expenses, income to assess your mortgage readiness. If you are selected to purchase a Habitat home you will be responsible to make on-time mortgage payments, so this is the perfect time to assess how a mortgage would affect your income and current expenses. If you have more questions feel free to connect with the Homeowner Services Manager.

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Obstacles Identified

While assessing your mortgage readiness, if there are obstacles you find (i.e. collection accounts, medical debt, high credit card debt, etc.) meet with your local bank to discuss ways to improve your credit or lower debt. Tap into local resources that can help guide your progress towards mortgage readiness. 


One22: https://www.one22jh.org

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Create Action Plan & Budget

Come up with a plan that will help you work through any obstacles identified and save for

Use Hands on Banking as a resource! https://handsonbanking.org/


  • Credit and Loans
  • Debt
  • Money Management
  • Preparing for the Future

*If you need some help coming up with an action plan and budget reach out to our
Homeowner Services Manager.

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Nature Vectors by Vecteezy

When a Habitat home is available to purchase, people who have submitted a program application will be notified. If you are interested in the home that is available for purchase, you will submit income verification. Be mindful that while staff is assessing income/debt you may have to provide follow up documentation and be available to answer any questions.

Verification documents that will be requested: 

  • Proof of residency: Either copy of birth certificate, passport, or permanent resident card
  •  Copy of three recent paystub(s) for ALL current employment (Must include Year-To-Date Income Information, Must include Year-To-Date Income Information)
  •  Copy of most recent personal and business bank statements (Must include account holder name, address, and bank information, Must include all pages and cover 60-day period)
  • Copy of last three years filed personal tax (Must include all pages, schedules, W-2 and attachments, For self-employed: complete business returns with K-1’s (if applicable)
  • IF APPLICABLE: Copy of Proof of Child Support (Paid or Received)
    • Must include all dependents and amounts
    • Must include how long you will continue to receive or pay this financial support

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After the applicants turn in their complete application and we have seen that they fit under Habitat’s income guidelines, a committee of local volunteers determines which applicants are most qualified. Those who best meet Habitat’s criteria will be interviewed in their current home by the committee.

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After home visits, the selection committee makes a recommendation to Habitat’s Board of Directors, and the applicants are notified of final decisions.

Note: If not selected you will remain in pool of applicants for a future homeownership Opportunity.

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If selected for Habitat homeownership you will embark on a journey with Habitat towards the purchase of your home! The time and effort that you will contribute in partnership with our volunteers and donors will result in a home that you have helped build. The house will belong to you, but the work is shared by all of us. 

Our partnership consists of: 

  • Sweat Equity 
  • Homebuyer Education 
  • Saving for Closing Costs (approx $3,000)

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Begin Sweat Equity

Two-applicant households are expected to complete 250 hours of sweat equity toward the construction of their home. Single-applicant households must complete 250 of the 500 hours themselves. All applicants must also achieve 250 sweat equity hours from friends and family. 

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Homebuyer Education

During your time in partnership, you will be participating in homebuyer education. Classes are designed to provide knowledge and tools necessary to become successful first-time homebuyers. 

Some topics include: 

  • Credit 
  • Budgeting 
  • Homeowner’s Insurance 
  • Homeowner’s Association 
  • Understanding Closing Documents

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Closing Costs

Savings and budgeting are a HUGE part of homeownership! Not only do you have to be financially ready to pay a mortgage on time each month, but you have to pay for the upfront fees and expenses when you close on your home.

Closing costs can run 3-5% of the loan amount and include costs like: title insurance, appraisals, document recording fees, taxes and more. Closing costs for Teton Habitat Homeowners are approximately $3,000 – $3,500.

If selected for homeownership, you will have to save for closing costs for the purchase of your Habitat home. You will be required to come up with a savings plan to meet your closing cost goal. 

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Once all the partnership requirements have been met, applicants will close on their home! The journey of a first-time homebuyer requires hard work and dedication, but we know you can do it! Best of all, our support doesn’t end here. Teton Habitat provides continuing education and resources to new homeowners.

Homeownership Application

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Can we rent out rooms?

No. Rental of any rooms or space is not permitted and is considered a violation of our Ground Lease and/or Deed Restrictions.

What is the pet policy?

Each Unit shall be entitled to maximum of one (1) dog and one other Household Pet (the term Household pet means generally recognized Household Pets other than a dog, such as cats, fish, birds, rodents, and non-poisonous reptiles), except that only one (1) of the Household Pets may be a dog and so long as such pets are not kept for any commercial purpose, do not cause an unreasonable amount of noise, odor or do not otherwise become a nuisance to other Owners.

Is there extra storage outside the units?

No. The following items are prohibited from being attached, stored, and/or erected in any manner by an Owner on or within the Common Elements: sunshades, bicycles or any recreational device (including kayaks, ski equipment or playground equipment and toys) trash containers, or any similar items, and paint, highly flammable materials, food products and any items that attracts vermin or produces odor. Bikes are solely permitted for storage within Common Elements Bike Racks.

What happens if our income increases outside of the 80% limit while we are building our house or after we buy it? Do we get kicked out?

Income verification for eligibility is only considered at time of application. However a negative change in household income, prior to closing on the home, could disqualify participants from the program.

Can non married applicants apply?

In short, yes. Both incomes will be considered for qualification. You will need to decide between the two whether to place both names on the note and whether one income could afford the mortgage.

Can siblings or unrelated individuals co-purchase the home?

In short, yes. Both incomes will be considered for qualification. You will need to decide between the two whether to place both names on the note and whether one income could afford the mortgage.

What happens if we want to sell one day?

Habitat shall have the right to exercise its Right of First Purchase of the Improvements. The “Sale Price” shall be derived from the “Base Price” of the Improvements on the Property. The “Base Price” is equal to the purchase price paid by you at the time of closing.

If my children are younger than 16, can they help toward earning the sweat equity?

Children under the age of sixteen may not contribute hours toward sweat equity. However, they are encouraged to help with Meal Prep for the build site, as well as hanging flyers or other marketing materials.

Do I have to earn all of the sweat equity myself?

Two-applicant households are expected to complete 250 hours of sweat equity toward the construction of their home. Single-applicant households must complete 250 of the 500 hours themselves. All applicants must also achieve 250 sweat equity hours from friends and family. 

Will my mortgage be affordable?

Yes, our mission is to ensure that our homeowners obtain an affordable mortgage. We calculate mortgage amounts using a third party appraiser to determine the home sale price and by calculating 30% of the household’s income. If 30% of the household’s income is not enough to pay the full sale price of the home, then a second mortgage will be assigned at 0% interest and payable in full only in the event of sale, default under the first mortgage, transfer of title, maturity of the mortgage note or refinancing of the first mortgage by a third-party lender.

Habitat is an Equal Housing Lender Opportunity provider. We are pledged to the letter and spirit of U.S. policy for the achievement of equal housing opportunity throughout the nation. We encourage and support an affirmative advertising and marketing program in which there are no barriers to obtaining housing because of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, or national origin